“Como En Casa” 2022 Results Report.

Divemex makes you feel “Como En Casa”

For the last 28+ years Divemex has been one of the main hot-house sweet bell pepper suppliers, a company which is renowned in the Canadian & US fresh commodity marketplace, with a work-team energized and capable to front new challenges & sharing their vision of exporting to the rest of the world their values and knowledge from the Mexican agri-land.

On August 18 2022 a presentation was given in regards to a Social Labor Integral program called “Como En Casa” at the Etzatlan production Unit, one of three which conform their production sites.

It is a company where Social Programs are encouraged towards fulfilling the social responsibility program goals in order to provide a superior quality of life to workers, their families and their communities.

More than 2,000 workers are transported together with their families from their place of origin to their workplace, adding to a total labor work force of a little over 6,000 workers and which purpose is to make them “feel as at home”, with programs which allow them to live a fulfilled & dignified way of life.

In 2011 an integral program which forms part of their social responsibility practices incorporates the “Como En Casa” program, a program which is focused on different hubs of action & compliance and which also serve as an epicenter within the company’s objectives.

These hubs are: Education, Health, laborer Well Being, Nutrition, Housing, Community support, Environment & Natural landscape

Each one of these hubs has a common central objective and together they conform an individual’s enhancement for their better quality of life.

Divemex firmly believes in the implementation of these programs, they are not just “a support platform” but also serve as a place to start a benevolent transformation in our lives, our stories, it also serves as a reminder that we are not only contributing to an individual’s life change for the better but rather the future of an entire family or entire communities for generations to come.  How many more stories are to be written…?