Our Fair Trade and Como en Casa commitment with our workers

Benefits given until today


Our people benefits


We are improving our support for Divemex working moms.

We already have our maternity and paternity support program.

Total of benefited: 3,995 kids

Schoolarship Projects

Financial support is provided to exemplary students which show above average grades and this allows them to continue or finish their academic training, from basic education level to professional.

Season 20-21: 1,701

Total of benefited: 8,123

School Transportation

We provide safe and reliable transportation for our workers’ children to and from school every day.

Total of benefited: 373

Adult High School INEA

This program supports adult workers who did not attend high school, giving them the opportunity to study in the classroom to further their education.

Total of benefited: 796

Dental Clinic

Our dental clinics proudly support 4,000 people in our work community and their families, as well as offering urgent support for nearby communities that are in need.

Total of benefited: 7,673

Improve your vision

Our vision clinics benefit our employees and their families, offering a continuous and comprehensive eyecare program year round. The clinics plays an important role in educating, preventing, and maintaining eye health.

Glasses: 4,926

Surgeries: 33

Medical Services

Our urgent medical care services provides our workers with reliable transportation to and from medical facilities for treatment, and has proven to be a necessary and essential service.

Total of benefited: 2,553

Listen Better

To support field workers and their families who need a hearing aid to improve their life quality, so they can listen better.

Total of benefited: 26

Improve your home

To support field workers and their families who need services, products and equipment that improve the condition of their home.

Total of benefited: 640

Divemex Cinema

Outdoor cinema for workers and their families, in order to enjoy the stay in their homes and share in family moments of quality and learning.

Total of benefited: 1,570