Benefits for me and my family

My name is María del Rosario Cortez Navarro. I have been a Quality Control Supervisor at Divemex for 23 years. My job consists of making sure that everything under the Divemex label represents we stand for. I make sure that no fruit with shrivell, soft spots, rotten goes into the

The worker has a voice at Divemex

My name is José Gregorio I’ve been with Divemex for 4yrs. now I am in production and part of my job is to take care of the plants, I apply twine, take out the weeds, we tie string  to the tip of the plant, we adjust it as needed. After 1yr.

Our community becomes a better place to live

Began in august 2012 as a maintenance supervisor. My job is to ensure that the structures are safe and sound, fixing or adjusting nettings, plastics, structures, wires, etc All workers benefit from Fair Trade it has excellent programs such as the school project, the wall around the school, the playground

Thanks to Fair Trade & Divemex an eye surgery changed my life

María de Jesús Meza. With all of my heart I want to thank Divemex and Fair Trade program for an eye surgery which has changed my life. What is Strabism? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other when